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PVS Xendesktop wizard

Today I was using the Xendesktop setup wizard in PVS to create VDI desktops in a XenServer pool with only local storage. The wizard is creating the vm’s on one server instead of distributing them over all servers in the pool. This is no problem if you are deploying a couple of XenApp VM’s, then you can simply move them one-by-one to other Xenservers in the pool. However, it is a different story if the task is to deploy 500+ Xendesktop VM’s.

I noticed  that the VM’s where placed on the used template “Home server”. Changing the “home server” setting, changed on which Xenserver the VM’s were placed by the wizard.

I found a workaround in adding a SR to the Pool allowing the template to be set to “don’t assign this vm a home server”. After this change in the template settings the XDSW creates the VM’s across all Xenservers.

The new and only shared SR has no function, so this seems to be a flaw in Xenserver or the XDSW.

Used versions:

  • PVS 7.9
  • XenDesktop 7.6.4000
  • Xenserver 7.1